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Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Big Game!!

So, tonight we are finally going to the game. With all the commotion of moving and unpacking the last few days have flown by and it was Thursday before we knew it!! The apartment is really coming along. Kelli came over last night and forced me to unpack the kitchen. She was right, it was nice to wake up to an unpacked kitchen! (thank you Kelli!!) Now I just have to unpack everything else. This apartment is significantly bigger, but there is less storage area, so I may end up having to unpack everything.

So, I am having a moral dilemma. Keith and I told Natalie forever ago that she was coming to the game with us. Keith and I thought nothing of it and were totally prepared to take her and have a great family activity (minus Brady). But, on Sunday someone put a little seed of doubt in my head about how hard it will be to keep her occupied and content during the whole 6 hours that will be the game experience. So now I do not know what to do. Do I take her and risk not being able to actually watch the game that I have been looking forward to for months or do I leave her at home and risk hurting her feelings and in turn end up lying to her about it? These are the questions that haunt me!! Any advice would be appreciated!


Steve the Magnificent said...

How was the game? I watched it on TV. Can't wait for the season to start.

Missy said...

Did you end up taking Natalie? John was so sad he couldn't go, but I'm glad he stuck it out for school, which is way more important! Let us know how the game was, it was great on tv, but I noticed the stadium was half empty during the 4th quarter.