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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

sooo close!

OK, so football is SO close. As I sit here working in my closet/office I can hear Keith watching highlights of training camp and interviews. I actually missed a Tony Romo interview the other night! That is the best part, I love to get to know the players. It makes the game much more enjoyable when the team doesn't seem like a bunch of thugs. I am so glad that we moved here because now we get to see everything Cowboys on TV. I remember Keith and I were shocked the first time we saw a Cowboys bit on the local news, we were like "this is so COOL!!!" When you live near the team it is always on TV and so it is easy to get pumped up for the season.

So I guess I didn't really have anything to write about except that for some reason I am VERY excited for football season. I think it has something to do with all the changes that are taking place. New QB, new coach, new regime, should make for an interesting if not awesome season. I feel bad for Keith who has been waiting for a good season for over 10 years! I have only been waiting for 6! Keith says that makes me a good fan though because I have never like them when they were really good, except for that brief stint with Quincy Carter where we all got our hopes up.


Aunt Ruth said...

Yeah, I'm getting excited cause not only do I have the Niners I also have the Shark season getting close. Of course, right now us Niners, and quite a few others are so sad because of the passing of the greatest coach ever, Bill Walsh.

Shannon said...

I saw that on TV and I seriously though of calling you! I hope it doesn't put a damper on your pending sports season. I think we will have fun this year giving each other grief over our teams of choice! Love you!

Missy said...

Shannon! The next issue of D magazine has a feature of Tony Romo called "After the Fumble." I'll be sure and bring you a copy once it's printed so you can drool over the photo on the opening spread. ;) I thought of you the minute I saw it!