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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Just like her mommy

Last summer there was a period of time where there were a lot of lightening storms one after another. During one of the more violent storms me and Keith were at the dining room table and Natalie was out in the living room. Suddenly a HUGE crack of lightening followed by a LOUD boom of thunder went on outside. The noise was so loud, and so sudden that it scared Natalie to the point of disorientation. She tried running over to us, but then she fell and so she was trying to clamor into the rocking chair and just couldn't seem to get her bearings. All the while she has this look of sheer terror on her face and was crying for dear life. Needless to say it took me and Keith a while to calm her down and tell her that the world was not ending and that she was OK. Keith and I were so stunned by this behavior we didn't know what to do, it was pretty sad and funny then and it still is today.

So, anyways the reason I tell this story is because tonight Natalie was sitting in the sunroom at her easel playing with magnets when I went into my room to lay down and read. All at once I heard a small crash and then this same cry of terror that I haven't heard since that awful thunder storm last summer. I quickly ran out to see what happened thinking that my child was in mortal danger or at least thought she was in mortal danger, and I realized what had scared her. It was a curtain rod that I had propped up against a table out there that had slipped down and fell to the floor. Now, I too am a VERY jumpy person, so I can understand that quick unexpected movements can be frightening, but she was in full on terror mode at this curtain rod. Again, it took me and Keith a ridiculous amount of time to assure her that her life was not in danger, that it was just a silly old curtain rod that never hurt anybody.

Well, I personally don't know where she gets this bit of crazy from. It's not like I jump any time there is a shift in shadows in the dark house or sometimes like to sleep with a small light on to keep the roaches at bay...

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Aunt Ruth said...

Tell Natalie that her cousin Rene is also very afraid of thunder and lightening.