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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I keep seeing list on blogs and I thought, hey why not! And then before I got a chance to do mine, my friend Kelli posted a list (great minds think alike) and that sealed the deal for me. A list it is!

Mine is a top 10 of things that have just been making my days a little sweeter, kind of sappy but I still want to write it down. Here they are, not in any particular order, well maybe the first 3!

1. Coming into the living room and seeing Keith looking out the window with binoculars at the water(dreaming of all the fish he is going to catch, I am sure)
2. Brady loving on his glow worm and blankie
3. Natalie asking for "How Great Thou Art" as a bedtime song
4. Winning something I really wanted on Ebay
5. Brady sitting still long enough to actually watch cartoons! -gotta start rotting his brain early--basically I am excited that he is showing that he does have an attention span in there somewhere
6. Natalie singing "Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me" to herself all through the day(from I Stand All Amazed)
7. Brady asking to take a "Ba" (bath...duh) and actually crying if we can't give him one RIGHT THAT SECOND!
8. Natalie walking around in her new pink cowboy boots and silky pajamas
9. Having a job and feeling like a valid participant to Keith's law school education
10. DVR


Aunt Ruth said...

Okay, I understand the list except the last. What is a DVR. Remember I am 73 and may not know these things. I have followed the SPAMFAN blog the whole 30 days and loved it all. He said he may put all the recipes together and sent it to me! I sure hope so. I and SPAM go way back and I happen to really like SPAM. I have a good SPAM Stovetop Casserole recipe I will send you if you like SPAM. Let me know.

Kelli said...

I love it when they sing.

Shannon said...

Aunt Ruth, I would love the recipe! Just hold the peas... A DVR is a digital video recorder. It lets me program the shows I watch to automatically record on our digital cable. This comes in very handy because I work every other weeknight and I would miss my shows!

Aunt Ruth said...

Well, Rene has posted the recipe on her blog so you now have it. It is so versatile! One way to feed veggies (using the mixed vegetable version) to the kids.