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Sunday, August 26, 2007


A few days ago when Keith took out the garbage he discovered a gate that leads back to the water (which we learned is a river) behind our house. Then yesterday we saw some guys drive back there and they went fishing. So we now have fishing access behind our apartment! Keith is very excited about this. This morning we actually saw some fish jumping and a crane flying around. It will be interesting to see if he is able to catch anything back there. I think this may boost his opinion of our new place, but he still hates the roaches!

Here is a better picture. You can tell we are really excited about this pond/river. It was really the huge selling point of this apartment for us. We realized we could never have something like this if we rented a house. Hopefully it will pay off and we will be able to get rid of the bugs.


Kelli said...

That's awesome about the fishing. However, I may have some bad news about the roaches...I just read in one of Ewan's bug books that they will even eat glue and ink. They really will survive the end of the world.

Shannon said...

thanks a lot for that! you still have to come over here you know!

SarahK said...

didn't cockroaches survive the bombing of Hiroshima or something like that?