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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Window Seat

So, I may have mentioned before that we have a view of the river/lake... Well the kids absolutely love it and I often find them in the window gazing out there. I am not sure if this is just because I have made a little window seat for them, or if they, like me, LOVE the water. Whatever the reason, I have on numerous occasions found the kids looking so peaceful and innocent sitting on the trunk I have shoved in the corner actually being quiet and enjoying the scenery (whether they are actually looking at scenery or our weird neighbors I don't know). Here are a few of the candid (and some not so candid) pics I have gotten of my kids being peaceful (unless of course they are fighting over who gets to sit at the window!).

I think Natalie looks so pretty here.

Yes, Brady does have Nat's pink flip flops on here, but don't tell Keith I put a picture of it up! Brady was walking around in them all morning and every time they fell off his feet (read every time he got off or on to the trunk) he would hold them out to me and grunt at me which I learned was Brady speak for, "put these shoes back on my dainty toes Mama!" I would post an actual pic of Brady standing in the shoes, but then Keith might kill me!

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Kelli said...

That picture of Natalie is precious and needs to be framed.