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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Camping out

OK, I have another bed story. For the last few days the only way to get Natalie to nap has been to offer up my bed as her napping location. This will generally work to get her to nap without much crying, but I have to make her a tent. (I think this started when Erin was visiting and we would prop the air mattress next to our bed and one time it fell over the bed and made a sort triangular cave if you drapped a blanket off one end--does that make sense?) Any who, so Natalie has been napping in her tents, and today she wanted to stay in there and watch afternoon PBS cartoons. She was so cute in there of course I let her have more brain rotting time!

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mom said...

Like when you girls were little and my couch was always torn apart and made into a cushion fort.