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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tumbling Tots

Natalie had her first "gymnastics" class today. I thought she did very well in such a new setting. We definitely have to work on the whole "wait your turn in line" thing, but she did fine with listening to the teacher which is what I was most worried about. She even made a new little friend to giggle with. I could hear Natalie across the room listing her friends off, "Ewan, and Bella and Sierra", the little girl, Ariel, asked "Am I your friend?" Natalie's reply with a shrug, "Maybe." I feel like there is something I need to teach her about, based on that conversation, but I am not sure what (tact? manners? everyone is your friend? I don't know). So anywho, Natalie got to bear crawl, bunny hop, somersault, and walk and hop on the balance beam. She had a blast so that is the main thing.

She looks way too old in this picture.


The video isn't the best, but I will try and get better next time. I was actually a little scared when the teacher told them what they were going to do (bunny hop on the beam), but Natalie pulled it off with a little help and did great!


Mom said...

Tell her,Grandma says she did great!!! Dance class will help with coordination and confidence a lot. Good job Mom.

Mindi said...

That is so funny, Sierra starts her first gymnastics class on Friday. I'm really excited, I think she'll love it

air-bear said...

i love this video!!! i remember when i did all that stuff and i know that i loved it. im sure she is just loving it. i think her conversation with the kittle girl was cute... it was honest. she doesnt really know the girl yet. it means you have to earn it if you want to be natalies friend. i get what you mean though. you feel like you need to maybe teach her something. i really like her answer though. honesty is always best! love you shannon! ill see ya in 2 weeks!!!!!! give everyone kisses for me!

Kelli said...

What a cutie. That will be really good for her. My niece Chloe did tumbling, and ended up being quite the little gymnast. She only gave it up because she's a kid and was "bored."

Ashley said...

Chloe was put on a team when she was 5. It became too much as she was having to practice 5 hours per week. She is still quite good, but does it on her own time. Natalie will have a blast and get some pretty ripped biceps and quads while she's at it.