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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Basketball star...

...in training! So, Natalie had her first practice for her rec center basketball team tonight. I am not sure (because some girls may look like boys), but I think Natalie may be the token white kid and the token girl on her team. The little boys on her team were AWESOME! They could totally make baskets (granted on a lower hoop with these sweet mini balls) where Natalie could barely throw the ball up in the air. We are talking future LeBron James' on her team which if I think about it bodes well for her because she may have just landed herself on the championship team of the 3-4 age group! YAY!

Anywho, they practised shooting, dribbling, passing and running. I had to leave during the practise to come back home for work, but Keith told me a great story that I missed (of course!). So Keith said that towards the end the coach had them "playing" a game. She told them that on one end of the court they are supposed to shoot and on the other end of the court to put their hands in the air and wait. So, Natalie being obedient (and being that we told her to actually listen to her coach and not just follow the other kids) did just what the coach said. When she was on the one end she stood there with her hands in the air. Even when the coach tossed a ball her way for her to catch, she just stood there! I guess the coach should've been more specific on why they were putting the hands in the air (to catch the ball in case you didn't know).

The team name is the Mavericks and they got these super cute jerseys and shorts (that are HUGE) for the game days. It seems like we got a pretty sweet deal for the price we paid and I think Natalie is going to really enjoy it.

P.S. I will post pictures as soon as I can, but we now have two computers (I got a new sweet set up for work-I will have to take pics of that too) so I can't add pictures during work.

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