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Monday, October 1, 2007


If any of you are not yet watching the NFL this season you should start! This year has been great so far (and not just because the Cowboys are 4-0!!!). There have been upsets and standouts all over the place. I encourage you all to start watching because, at least in this house, we feel like this year has the makings of a great season.


Mindi said...

We have watched some football this season and I have to say it has all been really exciting. I like to watch, but I dont always have a lot of time. Plus no tivo or DVR, bummer.

Aunt Ruth said...

Well, the Niners did bad this weekend (I mean bad) but the season is early. My hockey team (San Jose Sharks) did great this pre-season month (5 wins, 2 losses). So in September I have $45 in my sport bank. Regular season starts the Oct 4th for the Sharks so I have to juggle my TV shows (Dancing with the Stars) and the Shark games).