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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Drunk as a Skunk

The other day I was trying to put Brady down for a nap to no avail. We were out of milk and Brady usually will have a bottle (I know, he should be only on a sippy, but whatever) before his nap. Unlike Natalie, however, Brady will drink juice, so I went into the kitchen to make him a bottle. I like to do the juice 50/50 with water and I accidentally poured too much juice out, so I ended up making him a full 9 oz. bottle of "juice". (I know this is a lot of story, but I am getting to the point) Anywho, I gave him the bottle and left him to drink it while I went and did other Mommy type things. After a few minutes I heard the bottle clink on the side of the crib which normally signifies that he is done drinking and ready for his teeth to be brushed. But not that day, that day I went in and found this:

There was my sweet son, lightly moaning with his eyes half closed drunk on his apple juice. It was the funniest most pathetic thing I had ever seen. I felt SO bad for giving him too much juice, but hey, he needs to learn when to say when!


Mindi said...

Do you really brush his teeth after every bottle, what a good mommy. He looks so wasted.

Shannon said...

We only brush before sleeping times, like twice a day.