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Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Graceland

In honor of the pending Cowboys game I thought I would post some pictures of the new Cowboys Stadium I was finally able to take. Now, I may not agree with the way the land was acquired, but in this house we think it is pretty awesome that the new Stadium is going up basically down the street (we're talking less than a mile from our house). The sensible half of me know that it is cool in theory, but it will probably be a total pain once the Stadium goes up. The other half of me can't wait! When we first moved here one of the first excursions that we planned was a tour of the old Stadium. Keith (along with his brothers) has been an avid Cowboys fan since he was a small child, so to him the fact that we now live where they play is pretty darn cool. I mean they sell Cowboys stuff at Wal Mart! (It's kinda like how when you live in Rexburg you can get church books and fancy Book of Mormon's at Wal Mart, they sure try to please their customers!) When we were touring the Stadium he told me it was like his Graceland, needless to say it cracked me up! Anywho, It has been really fun seeing the Stadium grow and grow. We are kicking ourselves now for not taking pictures of the before, like we were planning on.
Across the Wal Mart parking lot. I can't even imagine how crazy this place will be on game days.
For some other cool pictures and a walk through of the completed "vision" go here.


Lani said...

When I was there for Brady's birth, I remember when on a trip to Walmart you showed me 'those apartments is where the new stadium is going to be'. It's amazing how quickly it goes up.

Mrs. L said...

You seem to have this obsession with the Cowboys (giggle). Nice shiny new stadiums are awesome!