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Monday, October 1, 2007

Sibling love

Every once in a while the kids will surprise me and play quietly together (emphasis on the quietly because they play loudly together all the time!). Sunday night Keith got some pictures of them reading together. It lasted for quite awhile until Brady started trying to sit on Natalie. Oh well! At least they had fun. I am so very grateful that they love each other (at least for now!) and I pray that they will always have such a sweet relationship! Natalie is always watching out for Brady and making sure he is learning to do the right thing (aka mothering, aka tattling) and Brady absolutley loves to hug and love on his big sister (aka bug and pester). They really are sweet to each other at least 80% of the time and this makes my job 100% easier!


Aunt Ruth said...

They look so cute together.

air-bear said...

i am so excited to be there. i miss you all so much! how is the bunk bed situation coming along?