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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Good (mostly)clean fun

So, as my friends have already blogged about the kids and I participated in a garage sale Friday morning. I went over to Kelli's at 7 and then I came back home to pick up Erin and the babies around 10. We then stayed on until 1ish. We had a good time. I didn't really have much to sell because when we moved Keith and I donated a TON of stuff to goodwill, but I rummaged around and found a few things. I will be ecstatic if I walk away with $25. I remembered why I hate garage sales...cheap people! It's like, "No, I will not sell you that HUGE pile of like new, brand name baby clothes for 50 cents!" I mean come on people, it's a garage SALE not a pile of garbage! Those...people...made me laugh to say the least. Not too many stingies that I saw so that was nice!

The BEST part of the day was that Natalie was able to experience some freedom. I told her before we got there that she could play where ever she wanted in the yard as long as she DID NOT go in the street. I even gave her permission to get dirty (big of me, I know). She had a blast. The 3 Musketeers ran around, made a chalky mess, played computer games, and were actually super well behaved! I was SO proud of my kids. Though poor Brady was super tired at the end and WOULD NOT take a nap. He screamed for, hmm...at least an HOUR!!! I thought I was going to have a breakdown when he just. wouldn't. stop. And then I knew it was going to be an ordeal convincing Natalie that it was time to go home because she was having such a blast. So, needless to say that after Erin and I got all the kids/bags/new found treasures loaded into the car the first thing I did was tell Natalie how proud of her I was and that I was sorry for getting grouchy there at the end. Hey, I was pretty proud of myself for not freaking earlier, so I thought it was a pretty good trip, even if it got a little rough at the end. And every body came home and crashed for 3 hours so it was ALL worth it!

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Ashley said...

I am surprised they lasted that long! Garage sales are so freakin stressful!