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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A first

So, yesterday Natalie was sitting on the floor and she called out to me, "Mom, something is wrong with my foot!" She then proceded to lift her foot and she let go and it thunked to the ground. Her foot was asleep and in that "dead" stage! This was her first time, we though it was SO funny, Natalie wasn't too thrilled when the "tingles" started though. Hey, at least maybe now she will listen to us when we tell her to sit on her bum at dinner instead of her knees.

Here's a cute picture just for grins. Natalie in her first pig tails at 10 months. I see a resemblance with Brady, no?

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Kelli said...

She does look a lot like Brady. And can you imagine what it must be like to feel that for the first time? Sometimes I wonder when Fynn wakes up screaming for no reason if that's why. It would be pretty freaky if you don't know what it is.