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Sunday, October 21, 2007

First Apple

Saturday night Natalie, Erin and I wen to Ashley's Halloween party. We ended up having a great time. Natalie ran around and met new kids, Erin napped on the LoveSac (giant bean bag), and generally a good time was had by all.

My favorite part was the "bobbing for apples" I didn't even think to ask Natalie if she wanted to do it because she generally isn't very adventurous so I couldn't see her dunking her head in a bucket of slobber water to get an apple. So I left her to watch with Kelli and I went inside to check on Erin. I was looking out the window and the next thing I knew there was Natalie stepping up to get that apple! I ran out to watch and cheer her on, Kelli held her hair and she went down and grabbed one (she bit the stem so it was a little bit of cheating, but still), I was SO proud of her!

So then I am thinking "what is she going to do with her new apple?" (actually she had to get another one because just her luck she got the one bruised and battered apple in the tub!) and what does she do? She bites into it like she has been eating them way all her life! My child has never eaten an apple like that, I don't know why, I guess the opportunity just never came up. But she is a pro! She did very well, she just carried that apple around with her for the rest of the time we were there. My little girl all grown up.

Natalie buried in the lovesac!

Mommy and Natalie

I have such cute friends!

Sarah and her girls.

Kelli and her boys.


SarahK said...

Good pictures!!

Kelli said...

We left the stems on purpose for the little kids. (Don't tell Natalie, but I actually pretty much put the stem right in her mouth. Kind of.) It was fun, glad you could come.

Shannon said...

Yeah, I think you can kind of tell in the picture that she had some help getting the apple. I think I was just pleased that she even offered to try it!

Ashley said...

She did very good eating that apple, she's a pro. I am so glad ya'll came and had a good time. Plus, EVERY child that comes over heads straight for the love sac. Natalie is a very sweet little girl. Also, good photos of you, Kel, and Sarah with ya'lls kiddos.

Steve the Magnificent said...

I didn't eat my first apple until I was 23. I ate the stem and the seeds...and the worm...and the paper towel that was wrapped around it. um, yeah.