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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On a better note

Well, since we can't go anywhere, and I have been in the house for far too long since by the time the car is back I have to head to work. I decided that the kids and I are going to start taking little walks after lunch. We eat early enough, and normally they play a bit before Brady and I nap, so why not go outside and get some fresh air? They loved it, and so did I. I hope we can do this many time a week, and then maybe start to go farther and farther.
We pretty much walked around the neighborhood, also known as the parking lot. Oh, the joys of being in an apartment complex. They don't know any different, so they were happy.
She's so pretty.
The sky was a crystal clear blue today. Love it.
Oh, and then while Brady was napping I was sitting on the couch working on a little project and Nat was playing around with my blanket, and the next thing I know I see this:
She was sound asleep under there.

In other Natalie news, she had some mass hysterics tonight due to the fact that we can't take her to school because of cars and when I work, and when Keith's classes start, it just doesn't add up. She loves school! Oh, and I can't turn in her application for her charter school either! And we missed story time. Oh yeah, and we have NO FOOD. Arg. I want my car.


Julie said...

Do you need a ride down to the charter school?

Shannon said...

Thankfully, No, I don't work tomorrow night, so I can drive Keith to school and pick him up. LOTS to do tomorrow, those poor kids are gonna get sick being dragged all over town! LOL!

Shellie said...

we have one car and I hate Hate it! If I need it I have to get up at the crack of dawn, load sleepy kids, and take chad to work.

love the sleepy kid log too :)