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Monday, February 23, 2009

A birthday day

This year circumstances pretty much called for very a low key birthday for Brady. I let him choose what he wanted to do, and it all started with breakfast at Shipleys for donuts. This actually worked out well because we had no milk!

Then after breakfast we made the trek up to IKEA, because Brady has been asking and asking and ASKING for a "big boy chair" all to himself, so he doesn't have to use Sissy's. I know shopping isn't really a great birthday activity, but well, he wanted to go there! And it was cheaper than anything else that would have made him happy! Of course, they didn't have the chair, but the kids just love to play at IKEA in the "houses" and they both came back with a giant bag of colored straws. So they were thrilled.

I was also pretty proud because I let Brady pick any place he wanted to have lunch (secretly hoping for say, KFC or something) and he chose Subway! So we picked up our sandwiches, went home, set up a picnic in the living room, and enjoyed a nice healthy lunch. Good simple fun.

We ended the day with dinner of his choosing and birthday cake. I can't believe he is already 3. I feel bad because his birthday really was kinda lame in MY eyes, but I know he was happy. He didn't need a giant birthday party!

Little did he know that we invited his closest friends (and ours, LOL) over on Sunday night for ANOTHER cake and some good old fashioned play time. With the parents getting to chat and for Keith, some time to relax. I am not a big fan of parties on Sunday, but as we say "the ox was in the mire" and we just couldn't spare Saturday night due to, you guessed it, studying. So Sunday night it was, and it was nice. Much needed for me, the kids, and Keith too. Thanks again guys for coming over!
Of course I have not been in the mood to take pictures, so I didn't get any of all these kids running around on Sunday, and only a few from his actual birthday. Ah well, such is life!
I have the time, the kids are asleep or playing quietly, and I am motivated so I will be drawing up a bunch of posts tonight and setting the times for them to publish (aka cheating) so check back next few days, for more posts!


Amber said...

Meh, we do Sunday parties all the time. It's a family event! He's a cutie- Happy Birthday!

Shannon said...

hehe, yeah as long as it isn't a big hooplah with a magician and bounce house, I don't see much wrong with it on Sunday. We called it a get together, LOL, b/c my kids know we don't do parties on Sunday...most of the time ;)

Caroline said...

Yeah, we do all of Jonathan's family's parties on Sunday. It is the only day everyone can get together! Sorry the football lady scared you! Even scarier, all the girls on the team kind of look like that! AGH!

Erin said...

Next time I call can I talk to the kids? :)

Cary said...

I LOVE that face!