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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Daddy is gone

...and now it's time to play! Well, kind of. The kids were pretty sad right when Keith left, but being able to spend some time with him Monday morning before he left for the hotel was good. He is staying at the hotel so that he can focus. Study when he wants, eat when he wants, sleep when he wants (and not worry about being woken up by crying babies with growing pains or scary dreams). I think it was a wise choice. Though we are missing him like crazy, this is better for everyone.

I tried to keep the afternoon fun, and dinner fun too. We had breakfast for dinner, I took their orders and served it up on our cafeteria trays! Kids eat SO MUCH BETTER when they choose what they are going to eat! They ate every bit, not a single complaint or trace of scrambled cheese eggs, muffins, applesauce, apple slices, cinnamon sugar toast, juice, or water left on those plates!

After dinner they danced around and played while I cleaned the kitchen (ugg). We went to the store this morning to spend some gift money both kids had saved up. Natalie came home with a Hannah Montana mic that sings and Brady picked out a cool Cars race track that came with a play Frank the combine. So he is over the moon excited about that one! I am not sure how long that mic will last...it's starting to bug. Big time.

Of course we also got Natalie her first pair of summer shoes (and shorts and a shirt)! They are SOOOO cute, same style as her polka dot shoes, but a different fabric, and um, I want some!
Then I caught Brady feeding his Michael. Oh dear. So cute. And then he tucked Michael and glow worm down for a nap. Complete with kisses. *sigh* I love this boy. And since I have the worst memory ever, that is about it for what we have been doing. The last 2 months have been a blur for me, all kids all the time, and I am SO GLAD that it is almost over. I know Keith will do well, I KNOW he will do well, and come Thursday...par-tay time! We're going out for steak and fun and RELAXATION!


Julie said...

Kids do eat better when they pick the foods! I have been letting my kids pick what they want for dinner a lot lately.
Have fun relaxing this weekend, you all deserve it!

Jenny said...

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Danielle said...

Good luck to Keith--hope all goes well.

Mindi said...

How exciting that keith is finally taking his test. Good idea to have him stay in the hotel so he can focus. Although I know it must be hard for him to be gone, atleast it worked out for you to not be working. Those shoes of Nat's are so adorable, where did you get them? We just got the kiddos their bunk beds and i think they might be just like yours, for some reason i thought yours were white.

Shannon said...

oh mindi..the shoes are from the only store in the world. Target. AND i WAS going to get white ones, but they were on back back BACK order, so we settled for the brown.

Mrs. L said...

TOTALLY cute shoes!
And hopefully everything is going okay for Keith.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte would LOVE those shoes! Where did you find them?