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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


it's not the spark plugs. this may be the end for the teal 90's pickup. it was free. it was loved. it was good to us while it lasted.

but now we have one car. sweet.


Bobette said...

Oh man, there's nothing worse than car trouble. I hope everything works out for you guys. In the mean time I have something that might cheer you up...a nice felt doughnut tutorial you can find here. http://torreadora.livejournal.com/64116.html

Missy said...

If Keith needs a second opinion John's great with cars. He could always take a look at it!

CUTE donuts, Bobette!!

Mrs. L said...

It was teal! It was Sharks colors...it can't go to pickup heaven it must keep going!

Jenny said...

that just stinks.

Shannon said...

OK, bobbette those donuts are super cute! cuter than the ones I am trying to do, LOL! And Missy I keep trying to get Keith to call John, but he is too busy studying to mess with it anymore. And yes, LOL, it IS shark teal! and yes it DOES stink. Period.

Mindi said...

I'm so sorry about your car. I can't imagine having 2 kids and only one car, that would be so difficult. I'll send prayers your way for you guys to remedy this situation quickly. Who Knows? maybe someone will have a nice car they need to get off their hands, it happened to my parents a few times, maybe you'll get lucky. If only you lived closer, we had 2 extra cars not too long ago.
Miss ya-Mindi