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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lazy List (with a few pictures)

I just can't get out of my not-wanting-to-blog rut. I think I may impose my own post-every-day month in March. Maybe not. Anyways. Life has been pretty full lately. So here it is, in list form.

1. Keith took the BAR. It started Tuesday with the short answer section, Wednesday was multiple choice, and today was the essay portion. He stayed at a hotel closer to the test location so that he could study/eat/sleep/rest/study when he wanted and not have to worry about me or the kids and our crazy schedule. He is back home safe now. He said it was hard, but feels OK about it. Time will tell. I have a feeling that the next 2 months until we get the results are going to be interesting. We find out in May how he did.

2. My Dad arrived into town for a visit on Monday night, leaves in the morning, and will be back after the weekend for another few days. The kids played shy for about 5 minutes and then of course he pulled out some birthday presents. That warmed them right up. Natalie got her very own set of all the "Anne Shirley Books" and Brady got some real leather chaps, holsters and some noisy and VERY annoying six shooters (which we use to "get bugs", NO shooting people, not even bad guys). Anyways. They love their Papa and are always happy when family gets to visit.

3. I am SO over eating out. In the last week we have had, Braum's (had to take Dad there, and we were so full we didn't eat dinner!), Sonic, KFC, Double Dave's, Chili's, Outback, and Steak & Shake. I know. It's disgusting. I am eating ONLY vegetables for the rest of the weekend. Though I did have a salad only at Chili's, so that is something. Kinda.

4. Forget the "terrible two's". The threes are kicking my trash. And Brady turned three TEN days ago. It's gonna be a long year. I think he may be bipolar. I mean, SO SWEET one minute, and literally a second later I want to hide myself in the closet with the ear plugs in.

5. I've been the recipient of some paying it forward lately and it has just been overwhelmingly wonderful. I received my handmade toy swap last week and the package literally brought me to tears. Not only did we get a super cute Polly the Pig and some adorable little birdies (that like to watch me work), she threw in all 3 Anne DVD's for Natalie, and a gift card to Chuck E. Cheese for Brady's birthday. Things like this just strengthen my faith that people are good and kind and caring. I have been known to say to Keith "I don't like people" and it's true, sometimes people just bother me, no one in particular, just PEOPLE. But then someone that is practically a stranger goes and does something so over the top kind, it reassures me that maybe, just mabe people aren't so bad.

6. The hunt is on. The hunt for the perfectly priced, perfectly sized, perfectly located, perfectly CLEAN rental house is on. Wish us luck. I think we are going to need it.

7. Now that Brady is three he fits all the requirements to be in a backed booster seat. He has been heavy enough for awhile, but I really wanted to wait until he was three, since that is the recommended age, and I am kind of a weirdo about that. Last Tuesday we dropped off Natalie at school and went on the hunt. We found a great one on sale at Toys R Us. I love the color and pattern, and it is extra squishy so he likes it too. He feels SO BIG when he rides in his big boy booster seat.

8. Did I ever tell what happened to the truck? If I did sorry for the repeat. We towed it home, Keith tinkered with it, we towed it to the shop, and dropped $800 to fix that hunk o' junk. But, at least it runs, and we didn't have to deal with the stress of having one car while Keith was finishing up his studying. All's I gotta say is thank goodness for a well timed tax return!

9. Dinner out with friends and spawn is fun. Trying and hard (especially when YOUR children are the nuttiest, though I think I handled myself pretty well considering), but SO worth it. We went out to Outback (Keith's favorite place) with the Taylor's and Saunder's and all the chillins tonight to "celebrate" Keith being FINISHED and it was a crazy, but relaxing time. Good thing I don't want to eat out anymore, because when you mix #4 on my list with #3 on my list, you get one cranky kid. Who of course calmed down as soon as we got on the road. Ah well, such is life.

10. I got my first toll road bill in the mail today. It was only $11 and some change, which is not bad considering how many times I drive on it, and how long it has been (never) since we have gotten a bill. And at least now I know that those camera thingy's really work. Cool.

And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging. Maybe.

Dad concentrating very hard to put together Natalie's pink cadillac.
I stinkin' love these hats. They are too cute. And the milkshakes aren't too shabby either.
My sweet, pretty, MOODY almsot 5 year old.


Kelli said...

Natalie's life will be the better for the "Anne Shirley" books. They made me who I am. Literally.

Okay, Shannon, your kids ARE NOT the nuttiest. You have awesome little kids. They were just being kids. No one thinks your kids are ill-behaved or anything. :)

Shannon said...

I agree fully on the Anne Shirley books. They are a MUST READ for any girl.

And Brady sure was working it tonight. Didn't I hold my s**t together pretty good though? Not a single yell from Mommy, and that includes AFTER we were out of the public eye! I told you I was getting better, I am trying at least! LOL!

Amber said...

Three is the worst- except for maybe 5/6... 5/6 is horrendous. Seriously killing me- nothing is never enough and she's so picked on and has to do SO much work then anyone else.

I'm blogging my way out of a blogging rut- you should join me!

Jenny said...

Mmmm, Outback is so good. And good luck finding a good little house! We had good luck with Herman Boswell.

Ashley said...

Hope things go well with Keith and his exam. Good luck on finding a place too. Very exciting! I too am so over eating out but I am too lazy to cook.... plus it's hard to come up with new dinner ideas!

Ashley said...

Oh and I love the AS books too! I remember when me and Kelli were little and they would have the movie marathon on PBS on a Saturday, it was awesome!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you have to wait until May for the results! That would drive me insane!

I don't know where you guys are eating in the last two pictures, but I worked at a restaurant called Andy's for 10 years and I have "popped" (that's what we/the waitresses/ said, instead of putting together) a MILLION of those cars. That picture really brought back some memories...