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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Double Ugg

1. Keith's truck broke down. Thank GOODNESS it was still in the parking lot at school, so I could just go get him, and he wasn't stuck on the side of 30 somewhere. But, seriously! Keith isn't working right now, I only work part time, we have no money for this crud! Thankfully our insurance will cover the cost of the tow truck to bring it home. Now we just pray that it is only spark plugs and Keith can fix it, because if it is anything much more than that, the truck is totalled, we are not paying 2 grand for repairs on that old thing. And right now we can NOT afford to be down to one car. So we are praying he can fix it or for at least the rest of February the kids and I are stuck at home, at least on the days I work, so Nat will miss out on preschool. Yeah, I don't want to be the one to tell her that lovely bit of information. Let's hope I am overreacting and it is all better come Monday night.

2. I HATE promotions! I am losing my boss at work (or my manager, I don't know what to call her really) and it seriously stinks! She is moving to up the corporate ladder to lead over a whole separate part of our work flow that the rest of us really don't deal with at all. The best part of my job (other than getting to work at home in my jammies) is the instant message chat we have. It keeps me company. Anywho, with this promotion my boss lady won't be in our chat room anymore, we basically won't see (hear) her or deal with her anymore, and we will miss her dearly. I have gotten to know her pretty well these last months, and it just stinks! She helps make work fun. Weird how attached you can get to people you have NEVER MET!


Melanie Kym said...

I TOTALLY know all about this. Instant messaging is how I communicate with my production managers and other MT's. It's very weird to have close conversations with these people that I've never met. Sometimes it's the only adult conversation I have all day!!!!!

Mrs. L said...

I would so like to come to work in my pj's every morning :)
Hopefully the truck will get working after Keith messes with it, my fingers are crossed!

Mindi said...

I'm sorry about Keith's truck. What a bummer, and definitely not what you guys need to deal with right now. Hopefully everything will work out.

Julie said...

I hope it's just spark plugs! I know nothing about cars so I hate it when they break down.