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Friday, July 20, 2007


It has been really hot here lately so Keith and I finally decided we should drag ourselves down to the pool so the kids can have some fun. Natalie is a lot more brave about swimming this year, she will go off on her own with just a little innertube to hold her up. Brady, on the other hand, is a little timid in the water. The whole time we were in the pool he whines and moans, unless dad goes under water, and then he will crack up. I don't have any recent pics of swimming, but last summer we went to a childrens water park thing and the kids had a blast. The pictures turned out pretty cute. It is crazy how much they can change in one year.


Danielle said...

Shannon--We love reading your blog. Jake has fun looking at his new pictures of Natalie and Brady. He especially thought it was so cool that Natalie went to see a firetruck. Hopefully we can meet up soon. We would love to come visit you guys. . . if we find cheap tickets.

Rene aka Mrs. L said...

Cute photos!

SarahK said...

They have changed so much! So cute...especially Mr Brady :). Poor little dude is probably scared from that day when he flipped in the pool :(...I'd be scared too!

Kelli said...

Those are cute pictures. I remember when we first started hanging out, Brady was just this quiet little bundle in the stroller next to the pool! And today my little Fynn wore that same swimsuit at my niece's party!