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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

for the grandparents

Because my children have no grandparents (or family for that matter) in the immediate area I decided I will post some of the random, cute, insignificant things that they do on here so that said grandparents can see what they are missing and maybe be guilted into coming to visit. :)

Here is my first of many:

Natalie has become very creative lately in her play. She has finally realized that she has toys and has started playing with them. The other day she decided to play restaurant. She created a whole spread and was even taking orders. (I had the cheese sandwich with broccoli on the side) She actually played with this stuff for the better part of a day! This does not happen with old toys. The only toys that get played with, without being first suggested, are new toys. So Keith and I were very excited to see Natalie using her imagination and actually playing on her own. --when we could actually keep Brady off her "table"!

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