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Thursday, July 19, 2007


...our football tickets came in the mail today! We are so excited that we finally get to go to a cowboys game (Keith has gone before so I guess I may be little more excited) together. As soon as I found out that the Cowboys were playing the Colts I begged (seriously, I begged) Keith to surprise me with tickets. Of course, because he is the BEST HUSBAND EVER, he did, and he even bought 4 so we could take friends. We are going with Natalie and Keith's younger brother Jason, luckily enough my sister will also be in town to babysit Brady for us.

I seriously cannot contain my excitement, I am such a dork. Keith thinks it is no big deal because it is just a preseason game and it doesn't matter. I think it is totally awesome because it is a real live football game and we get to see THE Peyton Manning. I told Keith it will be perfect because all three of my boyfriends will be in the same place at the same time, Keith (of course my number 1), Tony Romo (also Natalie's player of choice), and the multi-talented Peyton Manning (I love his commercials, so funny and so cute). I guess I am also excited to see a live game, but you can bet we have our binoculars! :)

Anywho, it should be a great time and you can bet I will tell all about it. Hopefully Natalie has a great time too and doesn't get too tired, we shall see.

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