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Monday, July 30, 2007

My manly man!

So Brady loves to carry things around in his hands. He will find the smallest piece of any toys and just carry it around. He especially loves the small parts to Natalie's ponyville toys or his little screwdriver from his GO Cars. He has also discovered that he can drape things on his arms and carry them around, we have a few book sets that have handles that work well for this purpose. But, being that this a house with females, we also have a bunch of purses laying around. On Sunday Brady found, of course, the girliest, frilliest purse that we have (we actually have 2 so Nat and Brady can match-thanks Grandma Lori!) and carried it around. It is a pretty funny sight, he will drape it over his forearm and hold his hand out like a little lady. He also swings his arm when he walks so overall it creates quite an image!

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