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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TV Talk

A few thoughts on some of my current watches. Yes I know I watch too much TV, but in my defense I watch it while I work, or when the kids are napping. In no particular order:

1. Kath & Kim: Are you watching this? It is hilariously awful and so dang funny. I love it.

2. Biggest Loser: Vicki is a psychopath. Seriously. What is WRONG with her, she is PURE E-vil! How glad am I that Amy stuck up for herself tonight! Boo ya!

3. Grey's Anatomy: SOOOO glad they are getting rid of Haun. Seriously that whole story line was gross and disturbing. And yay for Alex and Izzy, it's about dang time!

4. The Ex List: I thought this one was really cute, and I have to say I am sad that it got cancelled. I hate when they do that because I have no closure!

5. Private Practice: I am loving this show. When I have a ton of DVR'd crap to choose from I watch this one first.

6. How I Met Your Mother: Such a good and funny show. I am rarely disappointed.

7. House Hunters: Probably my favorite "housey" show. Natalie and I love to watch this when I am working to get lots of good ideas. I can't WAIT till we can be looking for our own place!

8. Anderson Cooper 360, and all other CNN: I am just addicted to CNN right now! If there is nothing else on late at night, I watch the news. This is totally new for me, but I am loving how much I am learning. I was so in the dark about anything and everything news related before, and I like watching it. I think that means I am getting old!

And I am embarrassed to say there are so many more shows. But these ones are at the top of my likes right now. What shows are you into right now? and what are your thoughts on the ones I listed above?


Ashley said...

So, I have loved House Hunters forever. Awesome show! I haven't seen tonight's Biggest Loser yet, waiting my turn for the TV... and I think Kath and Kim is hilarious!

Kellan said...

I also love to watch TV and I am sooooo with you on Grey's - Yay!

I'm Kellan, btw - nice to meet another Texas mom! Hope to see you again soon.

Erin said...

i wish i could get into shows. i have actually been keeping up with the office. i really like it. the only reason i am though is because mariah records it every week. fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you believe on CNN. Remember they are a liberal news station. Love, Mom

Mindi said...

I was so grossed out by Haun and Callie, it was ruining my perfect show. I agree with the Alex and Izzy thing too, I just always remember how he carried her after Denny died, talk about sweet. I wish I were keeping up with Private Practice, I keep missing it somehow and we aren't blessed yet with DVR or Tivo, i need one desperately, I have way too many shows, too.

Caroline said...

I watch Grey's Anatomy (I've only just gotten hooked this season), Fringe (I was an adamant X-Files watcher growing up, so this is right up my alley) and The Mentalist. Those are my three shows.

Mrs. L said...

2. Vicki must go. Does she not realize that Heba will throw her under a truck as soon as she can? I adored the black team and am rooting for any one of them to win.

3. I have my husband hooked on this show :)

6. How I Met Your Mother is pure genius. Barney cracks me up. Seriously the most entertaining character on TV.

7. Love House Hunters thought I don't Tivo it, I catch it when I can. My husband drives me nuts because he will watch the last three minutes of the show and still be able to pick the house they do!

8. I too, have become a news junkie! Blam the election but I pay much more attention.