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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted!

I have to say it was kind of anticlimactic. I didn't even get a sticker! Not to mention cookies and juice! LOL! But, I did vote. My first ever Presidential election. Brady got to come along with me and he was pretty happy he got a sucker while I paper voted, the line for the 1 electronic booth was WAY too long. I am pretty proud of myself. I also have to say it was a LOT harder than I thought it was going to be. I didn't want to just blindly vote, I wanted to know who I was voting for and what they believed in and whether or not the things I believe in would be important to that person. It doesn't help that I am so different on different issues. It made it hard to decide who to vote for. The more I read and researched the harder it got. But I voted, and I think I am OK with who I voted for. It will be interesting to say the least, to see how today plays out. I hope you all go out and vote if you are registered! Don't let those registered votes go to waste!


Ashley said...

yay!! I am on my way now!

Anonymous said...

Good for you and your friends. Even an old dinosaur like me had some difficulty with local issues this time around. You know I'm a 1 issue voter, so president was easy, even if I don't like either one of them. Love. Dad