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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A good good day

Monday was a good day. A good family day. And I don't want to forget it! The kids and I did nothing special, we ran some errands, mailed off some eBay packages, hung out and watched movies, crafted a bit. Then Daddy came home bearing a take and bake pizza from WalMart (the supreme is SO good!) and we topped that off with ice cream and brownie sundaes. Then after some more family play time and bedtime and stories and snuggles, Keith and I were able to sit down and watch a movie together (we watched Iron Man, so so good). The first time in a long time. It was nice. I love days like that. No screaming or yelling or crying or timeouts (for kids or mommy). All love and fun and sweetness. Days like that don't happen very often, there always seems to be at least one scar on the day. But not Monday, Monday was a good good day.

Here is our craft project. Fuzzy caterpillars. So fun and so easy.


Jenny said...

Wow, I love the catepillars! What a cute idea. You're so good....I need to start doing family night more often.

Danielle said...

YEA!!!! We had one of those day yesterday. My kids cleaned up their messes the first time I asked! It was wonderful.