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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Pretties

Sometimes at work I get lucky to have a slow-ish night and I get to browse the Internets for pretty things. And of course since it is Christmas time there are an abundance of pretty things out there! Here are are a few things that are on my dream wish list this season.

Anthropologie has some really cute monogram stuff here. I especially love these plates and these little ornaments. Oh and their kitchen stuff is to die for! So pretty and whimsical.

I have also been long time drooling over Lisa Leonard Designs handmade jewelry. Her things are so so pretty, and she makes each and every one. Precious! I really like three of them and am completely torn as to my favorite. I am leaning towards the tiny solid circles, with a "K", "N" and "B" of course!

And of course Target has out their Christmas home decorating things. There whole line of Be Merry stuff is adorable. I am in love, love, love with the blue snowflake serving dishes. Of course, not that I need a whole set of special Christmas dishes, but DANG they are cute! But, you can always use another tray or serving bowl, right? Right.

I also really love the Dots collection. Look at these tumblers, and these fun plates. And man! I just found these. These little trays are adorable and only available online. Sad! That means I can't admire them in the store.

Super cute stuff, and so much more out there! Happy window shopping!


Ashley said...

Oh, man I am gonna be going nuts when we get our gas lease check. I may have to be given an allowance or something...
I have a necklace kinda like those. Mine has all 4 kids names in order on it and then a little stick figure engraving at the bottom that represents each kid. It's the size of a quarter. It's really neat!

Cheree said...

Not nice Shannon. Your blog is starting to cost me $$$! :-)

Mrs. L said...

Love the Target Christmas stuff, but you're right. I already have a set of Christmas plates, who needs more? But...hehehehe...that doesn't mean I can't buy one to serve cookies on right?

Jenny said...

just a quick comment on the homemade jewelry...

Who the heck names their child "Zeke?"