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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A wish list of sorts

Due to the fact that my 3 main gift receiving opportunities all fall within the same month I have had plenty of time to rack up a pretty extensive wish list throughout the year. So risking the fact that I may come off as completely greedy I thought I would post my most current version of wants here. Not so you will buy any of it (though feel free!), but at least you will all get a taste of my likes this year. And then I can gaze lovingly at it and dream of better Christmas/birthdays/anniversaries to come when we are not destitute. (I may be exaggerating a teensy bit, but what can I say? I like presents! The giving of and receiving. Don't judge me.) I think this is why I like swap-bot so much, because it make almost every day like Christmas when I get packages in the mail, and it is SO fun to try and make a package for someone you don't even know!

Anywho, the list (pretty much in order of most wanted down):

1. Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson
2. Large rotary cutting mat
3. Long quilting ruler
4. Rotary cutting blade
5. fat quarters- here are some examples
6. Kawaii stuff (another post with explanation to follow, but check out some of the goods here, especially this makeup bag-I mean I reeeeeally love that little bag! Did you read what it says? How funny/cute is that?)
7. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer-this really is number one and has been for a few years, but I know it is a pipe dream!

Hmmm...I think that actually may be it! Wow, I thought I wanted a TON, but I think because numbers 5 and 6 are really limitless it seems like so much more. And of course I want all the good stuff like peace on Earth and all that jazz...hehehe


Aunt Ruth said...

That is a short list. What are fat quarters?

Shannon said...

Fat quarters are the little rolls of fabric that you can find at fabric stores that are generally in the 99 cent range. They are made of the last of a roll of fabric and are normally a quarter of a yard, hence the "fat quarters". They come in all different colors and are perfect for quilting because you don't have to get someone to cut you a tiny piece. You can also buy them in stacks. I put a link to show you!

Heather said...

Humm, I need to post one of these lists I think. Yours is a good one. Hope you get most or all of the items on it.