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Saturday, November 3, 2007

TV Update

So, I was taking a peek at my site meter and I noticed someone had found my blog through a search for Grey's Anatomy and it reminded me that I haven't been talking about my shows! I think the main reason I haven't been is because I watch everything 2-3 days after it airs when I can sneak time during the day to actually watch.

Here are my thoughts on some of my faves. Feel free to comment!

1. Not so sure how I feel about this Ava coming back. I really wanted them to expand on the fact that Alex is obviously still pining for Izzie.
2. I really feel they need to get Derek and Meredith together and move on with new plot lines. They can't just drag that relationship out forever, it will get OLD!
3. I officially DON'T like Lexie.

1. Why am I not as in to it as last year? I just don't know what is missing...at least Peter/Jess is looking good with a new haircut!

1. Is anyone else watching this?? Erin and I are watching it and we like it a lot. We like how it is a little like the old black and white Dick Tracy type show with the PI and the voice over narration...plus the main guy grows on you!

How I met your mother:
1. Funny, as always, but maybe leaning toward the raunchy side? Are they doing this to get rating to perk? I am not sure if I like it.

Private Practice:
1. Undecided if I like or not. It definitely has potential to be good, but it isn't grabbing me.

Ugly Betty:
1. Why is this feeling blah to me? Sometimes I can't even watch! I get embarrassed or something for her!

There! I think that about sums it up!


Ashley said...
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Aunt Ruth said...

I watch Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, and sometimes Private Practice. I agree with you on Greys, Ugly Betty is not as funny as last year. I am not sure about Private Practice - I think she should have stayed on Greys.

SarahK said...

Grey's is back and forth with me...I think eventually Derek and Meredith will be back together...but it's their main plotline, so they will probably drag it out!
I dont watch Heroes, Moonlight or How I met your mothere....but I do watch ER, K-ville, Prison Break, The Office, LOST, 'Til Death...you should try watching some different stuff, then go back to your old shows! Maybe they wont be so blah!
And as for Private Practice, it has become my fave show...mostly b/c I love the variety of characters!
Phew...that was long.

Ashley said...

i deleted my first comment, sorry. once you look at the other blog, you'll understand. i am a dingbat.... anyway, I love Ugly Betty, and I cannot wait for LOST!!

Mrs. L said...

We watch Moonlight too and really like it. Grey's was a fun one this past week.
Totally love How I Met Your Mother. Funniest dang show on TV.

Danielle said...

I love Private Practice because I am excited to see the characters and how they are still developing them and revealing new things to us. And I really like Pete. Grey's has been kind of boring lately. I am torn because I am still furious with George and Izzie for sleeping together, even if his marriage wasn't working it was wrong. And I think that Meredith and Derek maybe shouldn't be together because then we would have nothing to hope for. I have seen some shows where the couple final gets together and then the story falls apart. Anyways, there is my 2 cents.