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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tag I'm It!

**Warning** Super loooong post ahead

My sister-in-law Danielle blog tagged me! So now I am supposed to give you a list of 6 odd/new-to-you things about me. Hmmm, methinks this is going to take a while! Lets see how long it takes me to wrote this post. (not to mention the fact that I am writing this while working and for some reason my phone keeps ringing! can't they see I am trying to blog here! the nerve!) Anywho, here we go:

1. I am not a very private person. I am learning this right now trying to come up with this list! I don't hide my feelings/likes/dislikes very well at all! I wear my emotions on my sleeve. My temper can heat up and cool down very fast. This trait is not always a good thing, but at least I don't hide the real me! What you see is what you get! (that is not to say that I am not trying to change this, it is just how I am)

2. To go back to something I mentioned in my last post, I honestly feared for a long time that I would never be able to have kids. I had a few slight (and I mean slight) scares when I was pregnant with Natalie and they were just confirming my fear! So for a long time after I had her she was my miracle baby. It took me forever to realize she was really mine! Poor Brady...LOL...all he got was grouchy post-partum momma! I guess if you haven't heard the stories, and to make what is surely going to be a long post even longer, here they are!

There was a moment towards the very end of Natalie's pregnancy that the doctor couldn't find her heart beat and I thought I was going to lose her. Turns out she was just breech as she had been at the beginning of my pregnancy and hadn't turned like they thought she did, so I ended up having her by C Section 3 days later (2 days before the due date). There was another time during the Christmas I was pregnant with Natalie that I woke up in the middle of the night with major stomach cramps. They didn't feel very contraction like, and I was at my Dad's and didn't want to bother him or my Step Mom so I just suffered through them until morning-they were painful! Finally after a few hours with these cramps I threw up and by then I could hear Lori (my other mother) puttering around the kitchen so I went down stairs to tell her about my night. Needless to say she was pretty ticked that I hadn't woken her up earlier and we immediately rushed off to the hospital (leaving an ominous note on the door for my dad who was out hunting), where we learned I was suffering from a severe case of the flu. Unlike any flu I had ever had before! Anywho, long story even longer, Natalie means "born on Christmas day" and all this excitement was happening on Christmas Eve day, so I was pretty convinced that I was going into labor!

Hmm...that took a lot out of me! This is HARD!

3. I feel prettiest when I have a nice pedicure and I LOVE when my hair is long and permed (not a crazy spiral, just a nice body wave).

4. I have never met a baked good (specifically ones with flaky pastry or of the doughnut variety) that I didn't like-wait, take that back-Bavarian cream filled are naaa-stay! Other than that one exception, I am SO not picky, that may be why I never lost my "baby" weight...b/c it for sure isn't actual doughnut weight...no that can't be it... (just thinking about doughnuts is making me drool...)

5. I am a "sweat monster" (I realize this may be too much information, but I am really struggling here with ideas!) I get SO hot, SO fast! I always have, even when I was thin(ner), so I know it isn't due to my weight. I absolutely hate the extreme heat, which is funny considering I live in Texas. This is also the reason why I have begged Keith never to make me live in S.C. because I think I would die (or be seriously grouchy-and no one wants that) due to the humidity all. year. long. I crave cool weather. I love me some spring and summer (picnics, swimming, beach time, general outside-edness), but I NEED 4 seasons. Knowing that cooler weather is coming sometimes helps me make it through those swelteringly hot days that inevitably come every summer no matter where you live. My theory is that you can get warm by piling on the clothes, but you can never cool off all the way, you can only take off so many clothes...LOL!

6. I am a compulsive neaten-er, I don't really like to clean with cleaners (I do it before the dirt gets out of control, but I have some weird thing about getting the cleaner/poison on my hands-which causes me to wash and wash and wash after any of it touching my skin-so I tend to put it off as long as possible), but I love to have my house neat and tidy. So I get in these moods where I run around like a crazy woman putting away all the clutter that appears out of nowhere. Unfortunately this then draws the eye to the dust that is lurking beneath! I am also helped with this one because of the fact that my (awesome, super, terrific, wonderful) husband has taken it upon himself ( I swear I am not forcing him) to become the official kitchen cleaner of the house! YAY Keith...he also seems to be the one who ends up cleaning the tub too...that reminds me I need to thank him for the 50th time today for taking upon himself the most awful of chores as his own!

Whew! That is a crazy long post! And it only took me 2 and a half hours to complete. Well, thanks for joining me and I am now tagging *Mindi*Ashley*Sarah*Missy*Kelli*Julie G.* Have fun ladies!


Danielle said...

wait to go! thinking of six things was hard for me too. take care.

Ashley said...

Cool! I am glad you were able to be a mommy. I also sweat a ton, but mine is weight related. And I wish I was a neat freak, I do wash my hands alot though. And I am so glad I finally got tagged! Can I do mine tomorrow? Have fun working tonight!!

Ashley said...

oh yeah I love pedicures and baked goods too. What girl doesn't???

Shannon said...

No ashley, you have to do it tonight! J/K! you can do it whenever you want...you are silly!

Kelli said...

Good list, it sucks that I used the things I would use a week ago on that "Did you know?" post. I think I actually knew all those things about you! Well, with a sick kid and groceries to buy, I'll get to it soon.

Shannon said...

Yeah, as I read over it those are pretty much well known things about me! I was thinking of new things all night long. Like the fact that I thump my head, I have 4 parents, I went to 11 different schools up through 12th (4 alone in the 2nd grade), my body craves being in the water, and the fact that I have lived at 22 different addresses from birth to now.

Mrs. L said...

See, even I didn't know most of those things, cool to find them out.

And that temper thing? Flare up and cool down pretty quickly? It' must be in our blood cuz I'm the same way!