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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Minor Emergency

OK, people, we have a small situation. I found out last night that Erin has neither seen nor heard of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure! I know, it's shocking isn't it??? I mean, not to have seen it is one thing, but to never have heard of the wonderful movie that is Bill and Ted's, now that is just down right wrong! So, if any of you fellow readers have this movie can we please borrow it ASAP?? I would be much obliged, not to mention that Erin's soul basically depends on it.


Aunt Ruth said...

Hey Shannon, I have never heard of this movie. What is it about?

Ashley said...

Somewhere I have a copy. We got it free at Pizza Hut with a large pizza order!

Mrs. L said...

Kids these days, they have no concept of the classics!

Party On Dudes!

Shannon said...

LOL, the funniest thing is how the movie even came up. i was mocking keith with his guitar hero and doing my own slow-mo air guitar from the future.

Kelli said...

I've never seen it, either. But I know what it is.

Shannon said...

*GASP* How can you, too, not have seen this movie?!?! I though everyone has seen Bill and Ted's! That's it! We are havnig a flashback movie night at my house as soon as I can arrange it, all are invited!