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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Funny Pants McGee

So, we have this water bottle that we use to wet Natalie's hair when it needs to be tamed into a ponytail. This water bottle has taken on a sort of "forbidden fruit" status in our house. If i accidentally leave it out our resident munchkin will find it and begin to spray himself repeatedly until his shirt and face are drenched. So, the other day he grabbed it and I took it from him before any real damage was done, and of course he began to cry so I sprayed him in the face. I figured he was going to do it to himself so why not let me join in the fun. Eventually though I began to worry because he would let me spray him with his eyes open, so I told him to close his eyes. Oh. My. Goodness. He started making this face...LOL...I had Erin run and get the camera. It is SOOOOO funny (at least to me who is a totally non objective party here). He cracks me up! One minute he is a serious monkey head and the next he is making me roll with merry laughter. I love this kid!

You can see that he is kind of trying to peek!


Ashley said...

So cute! Each pic is funnier than the last!

Mrs. L said...

What a great face!