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Saturday, November 3, 2007

So Small

This is my new favorite song.


SarahK said...

yeah, thats one groovin' song...good choice! very good choice! if she ever comes to the NOkia theatre for a concert, we should all save our pennies and go!

Shannon said...

i LOVE the message of this song! and heck yeah, I would DIE to see her in concert!

Missy Saunders said...

I'm not a big fan of country, but I actually like her. Mostly because I'm a big AI fan. Plus she's frikkin gorgeous! Too bad her and Tony didn't stay together... Maybe post season?

By the way, Shannon, didn't Tom Brady getting sacked TWICE almost make up for them beating the Colts??

Shannon said...

LOL Missy, almost, but not quite! I do so love the Peyton...I mean the Colts.

Kelli said...

Her songs like this always make me tear up.