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Monday, June 29, 2009

To Do List

I really have a tendency to just lay around and read or hop on the computer or nap when I get a free few minutes, and so I was really afraid I would waste away my vacation days doing just that. Now, don't get me wrong, there will be plenty napping/reading/computing(??) happening, I just want to make sure I get some other needed stuff done as well. So how's this for accountability?

My Vacation To Do List:

1. Bake at least 3 new recipes. Including this from my cousin's foodie blog. She has tons of great stuff, check it out!

2.Take the annual trip to a local water park. First time was NRH2O, last year we went to Hawaiian Falls. This year it will be where ever is cheapest, haha!

3. Go to bed and wake up early (at least once). Ha ha.

4. Take the Cowboys Stadium tour.

5. Complete a sewing project.

6. Organize my fabric stash.

7. Get Keith to the dentist and the kids to the eye doctor.

Oh yeah, and the best one:


Of course now that I wrote this down, I will probably not do half of these things, but as long as I enjoy every minute, spend a million hours with the kids and Keith and visiting family (WOO HOO) I know I will look back and feel good about what I accomplished.


Jenny said...

I'm such a list maker too. It just gives me peace having it written down for some reason. I hope your vacation is perfect!

Julie said...

good list! Hope you enjoy it!

Bickmommy said...

Just a suggestion for a water park for you to visit. Just a few blocks from your home is Randol Mill Park and there is a water park/pool there. I have never taken my kids, but I hear that the prices a good and it is loads of fun.

Mrs. L said...

The have two things on my vacation list...eat...relax...everything else has to take a back seat to those :)

I hear those bacon donuts calling me.....