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Thursday, June 25, 2009


They are one of those things that living here I just can't justify buying. Yes we get some major rainage, but it's just not often enough to spend money on boots. But of course, getting prepped for this trip had me searching the web for some cutie patootie boots for the kids, you know, just in case. Pretty sure I won't be able to convince Keith that we NEED them though. It was still fun to look!

I actually ended up at Target.com. I love these for Natalie. Like seriously, a bow! polka dots! hot pink and black! Could the BE any cuter?

I loooove these, in fact I wouldn't mind a pair in my size! But, they don't have Nat's size available anyways.
These little robot ones are super duper cute for Brady.
Except these are the ones he has actually SEEN and asked for in the store. They are definitely little boy!
Oh, and not sure why I am posting so dang much today, I blame the Diet DP!


Lori said...

Don't jinx the trip!
No boots for July!!!

Shannon said...

Oh, but I WANT rain! It better rain at LEAST once while we are there, or I will feel gypped (how do you spell that??).

cassandra said...

i have a pair almost exactly like those pink polka dot pair that i got at costco for like $20.

Danielle said...

I hope there's no rain while you're here. That seriouslu cuts down all hte fun things to do. And I won't miss not buying my kids rain boots. We currently have frogs, and mine are black with multi-colored hearts. They're cute, but wish I didn't have to wear them.

Mrs. L said...

I'd wear the top two anyday, but I agree, NO RAIN, at least while we're there, it can rain once we leave (but not follow us down the coast!)