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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Low key birthday

Today was Keith's big 3-1 birthday. He got his present a few weeks ago, so today was just a very low key day. He is up and out the door before the kids and I even wake up, so there was no birthday breakfast. The kids had some time to play on their own this morning while I was cleaning up and getting ready for the day, and they put together the cutest little birthday "display" for Keith to see when he got home. They drew him a picture of a football on their magna doodle, they each made him a little story book, they each built him a trophy out of Lego's and Natalie made one final card for him with a pretty little picture. It was just too sweet, and it made me happy that they put all that together for him, on their own.

We were going to try and squeeze in a tour of the new stadium, but since we forgot to check the times, we were unaware of the fact that the last tour goes out at 4:30, well Keith wasn't home in time for that one, so we skipped the tour and headed to On the Border for a birthday dinner (sans loud obnoxious singing) and then headed home for homemade birthday cake and some Ben & Jerry's ice cream on the side.

Now we are just hanging out, the kids are finally asleep, and the day is done. It was very quiet, but I think Keith know he is loved, and that is the most important part.


cassandra said...

what was his present? was this in another post?

Mrs. L said...

Happy Belated Birthday Keith! We'll buy you some donuts when we see you to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

I needto improve my Auntieness! Happy Birthday to my sweet Keith~ How did you manage to get to be your age? I still remember what a cute baby you were! I believe that was the only time you have ever been described as "chubby!"
Love, Aunt Lisa