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Friday, June 19, 2009

A pretty.

Last week when grocery shopping I spotted a bunch of fading lily bouquets for sale and it was just so sad to me. I dug through the bunches and found a bouquet of all buds, not a one had bloomed yet, and I snatched them up, thinking it was worth $5 to at least see if they would bloom for me. Oh how glad I am, that I did! They burst into one of the prettiest bunches of flowers I think I have ever had. The kids enjoyed seeing if another bud had "popped" each morning. There is just something about having fresh flowers on the kitchen table.

Have you bought yourself flowers lately? I highly recommend it, sometimes we just can't wait around for the guys to do it for us!


Lori said...

If you pull the fuzzies off, they won't stain your counters or fingers that explore your flowers. The stain is impossible to get off carpets. It won't impact the longevity of the bloom.
I love lillies, too!

Shannon said...

Ooo, good to know about the staining, Keith keeps getting it on his shirt from moving the bunch around. It took us 3 shirts to figure out what the heck it was! Haha!