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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little Story Books

Natalie in recent months has taken to making us stories. She has always loved to draw, and now she will make a bunch of pictures on computer paper, have us staple them together, and sometimes narrate for her. I love the stories, but I hate keeping the bulky awkward "books", so I finally buckled down and made a craft I have had bookmarked to make for ages.

I know these are not a new concept, I first saw them on Salt and Chocolate here , and I knew that I had to try my hand at them eventually. It only took me, what? A year and a half? Better late than never I guess.

Anywho, they are very easy to make, cut the paper down to size, get some embroidery thread, poke a few holes and "bind" it up. They are actually really relaxing to make too, so if you don't think you can make them on your own (and you want some), I would love to! Haha, no really, I have pent up creative energy, call me. The best part is now Natalie has a great place to draw her stories and pictures, and they are much more pleasing to look at than stapled together computer paper.


Mindi said...

those are so cute, I think i saw those on that blog and thought about trying them out, but of course, I never did. I love that paper, cute pattern.

Mrs. L said...

Awesome idea and they came out great!

Julie said...

So cute! I'd love a personal tutorial!!

Shannon said...

Julie, seriously, we keep putting it off, but you MUST come over! And I would love to show you how to make these, they are super easy!