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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stay-cation: day 2

One of the main things I wanted to get done while Keith and Brady were gone was to unpack the house and really fix up Brady's room. He lost all the places to store his little bits and toys when we moved due to them now being in Natalie's room so he was in major need of some organizational things to store his toys. I found a few cute baskets at Target, but I really wanted to get up to IKEA. So Friday was IKEA day. After sleeping in, running to the insurance office (they refunded 80 of the 120 that I spent on getting the keys out of the car, I love my insurance office) and to Keith's old office to get his last paycheck (did I mention he got a new job?? More on that later!) we were on our way up to the great big blue store in the sky. I love that store! We found all we went for, even Brady's big boy chair, plus a few more fun things. Like one of these, but pink and half the price, and this for all Brady's small animals. I was pretty proud of myself for resisting this or this and these (aren't those cool?). Not this trip at least. Maybe another time...

After the shopping extravaganza it was back home for naps and a quick dinner. Then out for pedicures! I had a gift certificate from Christmas so I used that, and it was so much fun to take Natalie. Of course, she is probably too young, and I don't want her to get used to getting them, but it is the perfect activity for a girls weekend! I actually let her get her finger nails painted too, and I am glad I did. She looks precious. Though she wont let me take a picture of our piggies together, so this is a pictureless post.

After nails, it was off to Wal Mart to get vitamins, toothpaste, nothing fun. But we did get a redbox...High School Musical 3. She was exhausted by the time we got home so after a quick bath she crashed, and I watched it on my own. Um...LOVED IT, but I am a sucker for Disney. Though now I know why everyone is drooling over Zac Efron...ahem.

Anywho. Friday was a good day. Full of stuff, just going and going! And lots of spoiling going on this weekend, but what can I say? It's not like we do this all the time, like NEVER, and I want to keep busy anyways. Keeps me from missing Keith and Brady.


Kristy said...

I'll be excited to hear about Keith's new job! And, I didn't know that Christmas gift certificates could survive until April, good for you!!!

Anonymous said...

I presume the PINK bed canopy was not for my grandson! :-0 Love. Dad

PS: I think Cabela's has one in camo.

Mrs. L said...

Camo? Sheesh Uncle (though,the more I think about it, that would be cute). Thankfully my husband is not a fan of Ikea or we'd spend way to much time there. And the FABLER GRODA? Tooo cute!

Jenny said...

Awwwww, what an amazingly fun girls' only weekend!!!!! I used to love girls night with my mom when I was a kid. It was the biggest treat in the world.

Julie said...

Your girls weekend sounds like lots of fun. Zac Efron is such a cutie. I haven't seen HSM 3 yet, but I really liked him in Hairspray. I actually watched SNL this past weekend because he was hosting.