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Friday, April 24, 2009

Movie Review: 17 Again

Ok, this movie in a nutshell? Zac Efron is pretty, very very pretty. Now if you can get past that, the movie is actually really cute! My friend Julie and I went and saw it on Saturday, and I think we both really liked it. Granted there were times were I kinda got lost because I was a bit distracted by the pretty, but it was not a waste of money. The perfect summertime, easy to watch, just relax and enjoy movie. We laughed, we cringed at the embarrassing parts (oh my, the embarrassing parts), and we ogled. I would definitely recommend seeing this as a perfect girls night out movie. I wouldn't recommend seeing it with your significant other though, he may get annoyed at all the pretty (they kinda wouldn't let you forget it, basically throwing the pretty in our faces!). But really, it's a cute movie, cute story line, only a few mildly inappropriate jokes. So I guess this was my roundabout way of saying, see it if you can! Shoot, I would even go see it again with you. At least I now understand why millions of adolescent girls are swooning over this boy!


Danielle said...

I've been thinking about seeing it--it looks cute, but personally am not a huge fan of Zac Efron. But your review may encourage me to see it--that is if I can ever drag myself to the movie theatre.

Amber said...

I've been wondering about that movie. It definitely sounds like a fun girls night out movie!

Terresa said...

this movie looks pretty cute (emphasis on the "pretty") ;) Thanks for the movie review, I'm going to see if I can swing a MNO to see it sometime soon.

Kelli said...

Yeah, when I first saw the preview, I looked over at Bryce, kind of embarrassed and said, "I actually want to see that." But not for the pretty. I just like Matthew Perry. Zac Efron, to me, is TOO pretty.