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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Busy Bee

There is really no excuse as to why I haven't posted in a week, other than I have been trying to live my life more, rather than sit at the computer and write about it. Also, I have been off at work, and that means significantly less computer time, and significantly more family and general laziness time. I love it!

I have been itching to make some banana bread for the last few days, and today was the day. After dropping Nat off at school Brady and I came home and got to work. Well, he rode his bike in the garage, and I got to work. Eventually Brady wandered in and got settled watching a few morning favorites, and during one of the breaks comes in to the kitchen to see "what is smelling so good"? What is it about baked goods? To me they even smell better than they taste! Mmmm! Anyways, it was a good lunch! Warm banana bread and milk.

Apparently I was in the Suzy homemaker mood today because I have been sewing up a storm! Long ago I gave up the hope of finding something reusable for the kids snacks other than plastic containers, and those proved to be too bulky for all of the time and so more often than I wanted we were using plastic baggies for taking snacks with us on the go. I am not sure where this need to have less and less non-recyclable waste has come from, but it has been slowly growing in me, and I have to say, I don't hate it. It started with the grocery bags, and then onto the produce bags (which I honestly LOVE), and then this morning I saw a post on one of the blogs in my reader, The Long Thread, that had a link to a tutorial for reusable, handmade snack bags. Could it be? A solution, that I could MAKE, to my endless searching? It was! I was so excited I wanted to make them as soon as I could. So Brady and I headed out for a few supplies, picked up Nat, and finished up lunch. Then as soon as Brady was sleeping, and Natalie was settled with a piece of paper and scissors (who knew it could be so entertaining to cut up a piece of paper into a million tiny squares?) I sat down and tried my hand at some new snack bags.

They were surprisingly easy to make. I used plain old cotton fabric inside and out, so they aren't really waterproof, but they will be perfect for goldfish and pretzels. Eventually, if the kids seem to like using these, I will make some that are more water resistant for cold things like carrots and apples. It is honestly such a small thing, but it makes me feel better. And the kids loved them too, Natalie can't wait to go somewhere so she can take a snack in the pink one!


Caroline said...

Ooooo! Fun! I think I'll have to make me some of those! And how great would those be with a PUL liner? Fun! Good job!

Jenny said...

Very, VERY cute. And good for you for making a conscious effort to be green!

Bobette said...

What a great idea!

Mindi said...

I've been wanting to be a lot more environment friendly too lately. We've been using cloth diapers even for the last few months and I'm really loving it. I keep looking for other things I can make to help our family GO GREEN.

Lori said...

The big push here for green is local foods. Apparently the average family dinner comes from five different countries. So food grown and produced locally is all the rage.

Julie said...

What a cute idea!

haleyhorrocks said...

Hey, that's a great idea! I hate using zip loc bags. We usually end up re-using them until they get holes in them, but this is a better idea.