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Monday, April 27, 2009

Wearing Thin

Alrighty. So we haven't had AC for going on a week now. Luckily the weather cooled WAY down, so we haven't been aching for it as bad as we were last week when the hot weather first hit us. But, come ON! We first let our landlord know last Wednesday, and he called around and was going to have a guy come and take a look at it on Thursday morning, so we canceled a play date and stayed home waiting. And around lunch time we got a call that he would be coming Friday instead, around 1 (so right around my nap time, yay!). So there went our Friday, thank goodness he actually came, and the guy decided that it was squirrels that had eaten through the wires. I guess what was happening was that our inside AC machine thingy was running, but it wasn't getting the signal to the big AC machine thingy outside, so no cold air was being created to get pumped back inside.

Anywho, after this assessment, he said, well I am too big to get up in the crawl space so I have to leave and then go get someone else to come back with me. And he left, and never came back. Apparently the company that our landlord has a contract with doesn't cover creature made damage. Greeeat. So he had to call someone else and they said, well we can take a look, but it won't be until Monday. So we lasted through the weekend without AC, which wasn't bad come Sunday, but my oh my, we had our sweaty times!

Well, this morning we got a call that he would be coming between 1 and 4 today. Which is our prime nap time. So another day without a nap (I work this week, and a nap for me is pretty much a must when I work). Well, we rushed through the morning, and I got the kids down for naps right on time so I could lay down and maybe catch 45 minutes of sleep. Then the phone rings at 2:30 and it's our landlord saying that the company was busy and so he will be coming tomorrow between 1 and 4. Yet ANOTHER missed full nap! Arg! It didn't help that today when I was awoken (woken??) by the phone I found Natalie AND Brady both still up. Brady needed a clean diaper, and then still never went to sleep (yay for early bedtime!). Natalie only naps on Mondays due to dance class, but instead she decided to play in her room. So that means I had to keep her home from dance, I hated doing that, but she has to learn I guess! Plus she is a beast after class if she doesn't nap.

Anywho, she went down for a nice little nap, and while Brady played I was able to get some crafting time, since there was no way I was going to be able to fall back asleep. I guess there is a silver lining to every cloud! I may not be saying that after tomorrow, only time will tell!


Julie said...

That stinks about the AC! I'm so happy it's been cooler the past few days for you. I hope it gets fixed soon!

hummerbob said...

Echo that. How quickly we get spoiled, though. I guess you need it down there. Raining here, again. Love. Dad