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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

some shtuff

1. I realize I never actually finished the Stay-cation posts. That's because the rest of the 3 days went like this: shop, rest, unpack, eat, rest, play, unpack, shop, eat, unpack, unpack, rest. We had so much fun that weekend. Sadly it wasn't the same for Keith and Brady. They had fun up until they both caught some strange sickness. Keith threw up, Brady was lethargic, we are still not sure what they had.

2. Brady is now on pink bubblegum antibiotic for an ear infection. The first time he has had one, or at least the first time we have ever treated him for one.

3. The house is coming along nicely. I need to take pictures of the rooms, but I want to hang up all of the million pictures that need to go on the walls before I do. All I can say is we are loving living here! The space is just magical. And once we unpack we can venture outside and see about the yard. I found a little flowerbed in the back, that is mostly shady, and I want to do some research about what I can plant there. I would love for the kids to help me with some gardening. I think they would love it! Any tips on what to plant there would be lovely!

4. Keith is settling in to his new job. He is an "independently contracted attorney for an investment company" (his words) in Dallas. Not exactly sure what he does, but they hired him as an attorney for a temporary position. It should last between 6 months to a year, during which he is looking for other things, and also working hard to impress his bosses with the possibility of getting hired on full time after the project is done. At any rate, he gets paid, so that is a plus!

5. Natalie is loving dance. She has taken to it very quickly and looks like she has been doing it all season. Sadly she won't get to be in the recital unless this one other girl who hasn't been back in over a month, stays gone. So here's to hoping she dropped out! LOL!

6. The Cowboys released their 2009 season schedule today. We gotta start saving our pennies (and our nickels, dimes, and twenty dollar bills) because the chances are high that we are going to a game.

7. I want to see the new Zac Efron movie, 17 Again, anyone up for a girls night? I am also going to be taking Natalie to the Hannah Montana movie sometime in the near future. Preferably after the novelty has worn down some so that the theater isn't full of tweens.

8. Anyone watching Harper's Island? It has promise, I am very excited about it. The first episode was good, gruesome enough to be scary, but not too scary that I have to sleep with a light on! What do those of you watching it think so far? If you are not watching it yet, it's not too late!

9. Today Brady went into the bathroom, took off his diaper, and went potty all on his own 2 times. But the kids refuses to wear big boy underwear during the day. What the heck? We did convince him to wear a pull up tomorrow. So maybe he will potty train soon. I won't hold my breath!

10. Lastly, Natalie gets to go to the doctor tomorrow. She hasn't been in far too long, so she is "behind" on her vaccinations. That is not that big of a deal to me, as I don't like how closely they are lumped together, but that does mean that she will be getting a LOT of shots tomorrow, or pokes, as she calls them. There is a good chance someone will be getting that new ponyville toy I have had hidden away in my closet for months, and maybe even some ice cream!


Julie said...

I hope the doctors visit goes well tomorrow!

Bobette said...

Glad to hear that you're enjoying the new home and hopefully Brady gets feeling better. Andrew has actually been playing Pet Society on Facebook. He would love to play it all day long, but I'm trying to limit his time. He is already addicted.

Danielle said...

WOW!!! I feel like I am all caught up on your family. Glad Keith's job is going well. Hope Brady is feeling better, and hope Nat's Dr's appt. goes well.

Mrs. L said...

Lots going on. So glad you like your new home. For shade plants try Hostas, Camellia's, ferns, lilies, azalea's, fuchias...check as some of these varieties require partial sun, but some have varieties that grown well in full shade.

Ashley said...

What's Harper's Island? I am taking Chloe and Hayden to see the Hannah Montana movie tomorrow. Good times. And, speaking of potty training on the Baby's R Us website they have a flushable urinal for boys. It is so cute! Now that we are having a boy I am so getting one even though we won't need it for 3 years...