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Friday, April 24, 2009


The weather has been fantastic the last week or so. (The last two days have been WAY too hot, but that may have been magnified by the fact that our AC is broken. The repair man was busy yesterday, and should hopefully make an appearance today.) Anywho, it has taken me some time to get used to the fact that we can actually go outside during the day. When you are so used to spending your days inside, unless you are going out to run errands (and by errands I mean shop), it gets hard to change your ways. I am a homebody, and there are always lots of things to do in the house, especially now with all the finishing touches on unpacking that I keep putting off.
In an effort to embrace the outdoors, the kids and I headed to the Zoo on Monday. It was the absolute perfect day to go. Not hot, not cold, not a million and a half school kids there to push us around. Wonderous! The only downside was that the zoo train was closed for repairs, and seeing as that is one of the main attractions at the zoo for my kiddos, there was a fair amount of crying. Nothing a good picnic lunch couldn't cure. I think the day was made even better by the fact that I didn't pay a single dime. I love having that membership, it's nice to have something exciting to do, even when we don't have any money!

Mean Mama made them carry their own food around! This didn't make the no train situation any easier. We made it to the car right as Brady decided his legs were done for the day.

It is a struggle to get a picture of these kids for me! They just hate it.One of my favorite parts of the zoo is the main entrance after the ticket booths. There is a bridge and it has flowerbeds that are PACKED with the most beautifully colored flowers. It has gotten me very excited to start a flower bed at our house. That is the next project on our to do list. Let's hope I don't regret it.Other outside things we have been doing are digging in the few bare flower beds we have, watching Daddy mow the lawn, riding our bike (we need to get another one) on the front drive, breaking out the little hibachi grill, and playing chalk. I think the chalk is the most exciting. One of those things you really can't play unless you have cement of your own. I love to let them play chalk!

Since it has been so hot (and since he was running by the store anyways for a much needed Diet Dr. Pepper for me) Keith picked up a hose and a fun sprinkler a few nights ago, and last night they were able to bust it out and have some fun. I was working so the pictures had to be quick and through the glass, but the sounds of laughter from the backyard were wonderful.

Brady was a little less than thrilled. I think the small spurts of water scared him a bit. He was so cute and pathetic standing there though.
Natalie jumped right in. She got soaked and was cracking up the whole time. Oh, the simple joys of childhood. I love her new bathing suit by the way, there are ruffles on her bum! Brady had a bit more fun once Daddy ran him through, but he still wasn't having it. He ended up inside watching Kung Fu Panda (the favorite movie this week) while Daddy and Natalie kept whooping it up outside. There are just not enough words to explain how happy I am that my kids can finally experience some of the normal outside things that kids get to do.


Mrs. L said...

I used to love running in the sprinklers!

Caroline said...

Davy and I went to the zoo on Monday, too! We went in the afternoon, though, after his nap.

Mindi said...

We broke out the sprinkler on Wednesday and the kids had a blast. it wasn't quite warm enough for swim suits, but they had fun getting their clothes wet.

Jenny said...

I agree. Being outside is good for the soul. And yuck! I can't stand broken air-conditioners. Texas summers are only liveable if you're air-conditioned or submerged in water.

Julie said...

Love it! Having a yard to play in is so much fun for kids.