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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Turning Five.

Well, she's five. My precious little baby girl is five years old. Five. Wow. Life has just been a little too crazy round these parts to really have time or funds to have a large birthday party, or extravagant gifts, but I think we made her feel loved, and special, and happy without all the bells and whistles (though the bells and whistles are very fun).

One rule of birthdays is getting to choose all the meals. For breakfast we had chocolate chip pancakes, then for lunch Happy Meals (shocker.) and then for dinner she wanted "rice with peas and carrots", otherwise known as fried rice. She gobbled it up, and meal times were a success.

Natalie's main gift this year was dance lessons, and I also made her a coupon book, but I will show more on both of those later. I really, REALLY wanted to do only handmade gifts from Mama this year, or at least Earth friendly ones, but she has been politely hinting for a VERY long time for this phone we saw months ago at WalMart. It is an old fashioned one, with a cord, and the headset resting on top. Like this, but pink, with noisy buttons. I did NOT want to get that phone, but she has been so good, and she really does love it. So I caved. Brady also came home with a new friend named Jelly Bean, I will show pics of that later too.

Anywho, after all the days festivities (shopping, relaxing, cuddling, playing) were over and dinner was cleaned up we had the Taylor's over for cake. Ewan is Natalie's oldest and dearest friend, so of course she wanted him there to celebrate with her, it doesn't hurt that we love him and his family too! This is her third birthday that he has been at. It's craziness.

This picture was just too cute. I had to use it. Natalie had about a million different things she wanted her birthday to "be", but she settled on some cute valentine decorations for her PINK cake. She had fun helping me decorate it, and I love how it looked on my cake plate (more on that later too) that I found just for her many birthday cakes.
Make a wish!

So, I think it was a success. She ended the day happy and pleased with all that we did. I can't believe she is five. I just can't believe it!


Lori said...

Sorry we missed the party! Give Nat hugs from us.

Amber said...

Cute! Happy birthday to the 5 year old!

Mrs. L said...

I love that pink cake! Love the photo of her blowing out the candles too.

Julie said...

The cake, and cake stand, look so pretty! Sounds like she had a great birthday.

Kelli said...

Thanks for having us! *Sniffle* They can't be five. They just can't.

Missy said...

Sorry we missed it! Love the cake!!

Danielle said...

Really--can it be? It seems like she was just born and we heard the good news. Happy Birthdya Natalie!

P.S. I just put hers and Brady's b-day present in the mail. It's nothing big, but I think they will have fun with it.