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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I am a bargain hunter. I LOVE a good find in the clearance department. And oft times I get some super great things that I could never, or would never have spent the full price on. One of them being my pretty cake plate/dip tray that I used for Natalie's cake here, and I got to use it once for a friend's going away party (and Missy took a rad picture of it here, and a cute one of Nat too...I think I need that one..anywho). I found it on clearance after Easter last year and I fell instantly in love. It's bright and springy, and I knew it would be perfect for Natalie's birthday every year. I was just over the moon happy about it.

And so with much dismay, I show you this.

Poor sweet Keith was cleaning up after the last of the birthday cake was gone and it slipped out of his fingers and clonked into the sink. I have to say I was heartbroken, just a little bit. Keith felt so terrible, I couldn't get mad, of course, he was being so sweet to clean up. But darn it all! At least I got to use it once for both purposes. And I will always have that great picture of Natalie blowing out her birthday candles. Some good advice I heard once, "we don't love things, we love people", but MAN I sure did really like that plate!


Anonymous said...

Did you keep the chips? We have more than a few items around here that were repaired. Even a few that needed to be repaired because of a not-to-be named younger daughter! Hope all is well. How is the packing going? Love. Dad

Jenny said...

I love that advice, but it never helps at the time (when you're looking at your broken posession)! But Keith's a sweetie for helping you clean it up and yes, it's good that you got the birthday pics!

Keithaniel said...

It's just further proof of what I have been saying from the beginning: I'm just not good at doing the dishes and should be regretfully relieved from such duties for the sake of all future dishes and in memory of the kitchenwares gone and past.

Shannon said...

nice try sweets. nice try.