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Saturday, March 14, 2009

All growed up.

Well, I had a little accident today...I washed my cell phone in my pants pocket. That's never a good thing. Funnily enough Keith and I were going to go to the AT&T store to get our numbers changed to our own plan earlier today, but we ran out of time. I guess today was the day! So I headed down to AT&T after naps and we are now the proud owners of our very own cell phone bill. My parents had been paying for it while we were in school, so that was VERY nice. And let me tell you it was a shocker when we saw how much our bill will be, even with the smallest amount of monthly minutes, still...WOWSAS!

Anywho, the best part? We got some SWEET phones, for cheap. We got LG Vus and they are so cool! Touch screen and everything! Woo hoo! We are joining the big leagues now. We even splurged on unlimited texting! (so if you aren't AT&T, text us, hahaha, because we only get 700 minutes a month!)

Oh, and I lost all my numbers with my old phone, so yeah, please email me your numbers! Cause I don't have them!! (and I want to start texting, hahaha)


Mindi said...

We're AT&T so we can still talk as much as we want. Doesn't it stink how pricey it is to have a cell phone? I love your phones, they're really cool, we just got the most basic phones they had.

Danielle said...

cool phone! I've been hinting to Ryan that I want an iPhone, but I'm thinking it will have to wait until we are finished with school. welcome to the world of cell phone bills--it's not pretty.

Anonymous said...

And so it begins, my dear. Just remember, you don't listen to voicemail - I don't read text messages. Love. Dad

Julie said...

Cute new phones!

Mrs. L said...

Where's my text message???????